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Australia tour revenue records shattered - all the revenue and

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Cricket Australia tour matches this year has broken the box office.

Ticket sales have earned Rs 7,124,200 in the three Test matches and one-day cricket is reported to earn Rs 40,894,700 were passed.

When he came to visit Sri Lanka to Australia in three Tests in 2011 at 3,055,390 rupees by selling tickets to Sri Lanka in ODI cricket had got Rs 22,173,100 million.

The revenue the report below.

TEST 01 Rs 1,824,900
TEST 02 Rs 2,826,150
TEST 03 Rs 2,473,150
ODI 01 Rs 13,070,500
ODI 02 Rs 8,800,000
ODI 03 Rs 4,600,000
ODI 04 Rs 2,600,000
ODI 05 Rs 4,700,000

If you have a little pain in my brother would four "- Flash Back Roshan's lovely wife

Roshan Fernando day soon, for 32 years she  his birthday Flash Back Roshan Fernando's wife.
The newspaper said she had the chance to meet  Gifts and Roshan.
"The early years of my brother Roshan preferences singer. I just go to when he gave me the phone number to one of the time show Habarakada Homagama. After about 6 months, a fan asked me, spoke various dialects like. Heard our mother spoke. Then Roshan my brothers came home from home. After we got married there. It's really a random thing. I think I have a brother, Roshan received my luck. "
She also said there had been lucky to find three younger children.
"If it was a baby brother Roshan in four. But I could give him only three babies. The little pain there. But one side happy. , And three children here now. "

Galaxy Note 7 Announced - got all new phone

Electronic industry giant Samsung has been taken to suspend the sale of its latest smart phones.

Samsung has taken this decision only after they have reported several incidents of the outbreak of some new smart phone battery market in motion.

This latest introduction to the market ten countries two weeks ago, Samsung 'Galaxy Note Seven' (Galaxy Note 7) has sold more than two million customers by the mobile phone company in South Korea Trade.

Samsung says that some of the new smart phones, reported several incidents to burst battery.

When this was said in a statement, Samsung 'Galaxy Note Seven "Mobile phone purchase all new mobile phone customers would get to work.

Samsung's major competitors of the new Business Apple iPhone mobile phone that is believed to be a big loss and damage trade name of the company because Samsung has this problem arisen when a week of introduction to the market.

Popular actress divorced compensation of social welfare

Actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Actress couple married refusing clear disinformation and confusion.
Both gave up life on the bitter eras past. Johnny divorced æmbarṭa received a sum of US $ 7 million as compensation. She did not keep possession of the money.
The ex-husband of his great wealth generously donated her husband was brutally beaten for the welfare of the victims of the wives.
Johnny and Amber's marriage was concluded after that trial for 3 months. Finally, the trial verdict was finally.
The 53-year-old Johnny verdict was set gevannaṭayi 7 million dollars as compensation for his wife. The trial found that the presence of physical torture by Johnny æmbarṭa married in the past 15 months.
"This will give the EU a ransom for American civil liberties. The husband, who was tortured for women. The other part of the Los Angeles Children's hospitals. "Amber Herd

Sri Lanka's 10-year-old world record in England will break

England to break the world record set in 1996 by the Sri Lanka team and scored one day matches played yesterday (30) was passed.

Between England and Pakistan 3rd one-day match in England to be able to get 444 for 3 in 50 overs.

Accordingly, it has been marked as the highest score of the match and ODI cricket.

Sri Lanka was able to collect 443 runs for the loss of nine wickets in their allotted 50 overs against the Netherlands team will be in 2006.

The highest score of 20/20 in both the Test and Report, however, is still entitled to Sri Lanka.

No other questions! Tomorrow the race only

Sri Lanka Cricket and the leader of the birth of the super-rounder player Tillakaratne Dilshan will have been earned call-Australian team.
Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews had said that the press conference held in Dambulla today.
This is the first press conference following his controversial Dilshan, Mathews recently.
Dilshan has said was under his leadership excellence bounce off Mathews.
Today, however, there came the media before the Sri Lanka Cricket said quietly and did not ask questions about, or anything else, as  asked questions only about the race tomorrow.

Vehicle registration is again increased - details here

You know that 1858 vehicles per day were added to the main road in Sri Lanka.

According to the Department of Motor Traffic has been registered 668907 new vehicles last year alone.

The cars were 105628, 129547 three, over 370889 motorcycles, motor coaches from 4140, 26899 vehicles, over 12557 dual-purpose vehicles, lorries and tractors 5356 9977 from that to say that.

The month approximately 55742 vehicles have been registered.

Vehicles registered the highest last year.

It has been a figure of 204075 in 2009.

The more than 325% in the percentage of vehicles exceeding the period of 6 years, the percentage has risen to say that.

This year, by mid February 32801 new vehicles were newly registered and had not expected a decrease in the number of taxes were imposed on imported vehicles than for vehicles in 2015 that the shows.

No tickets last match - Cricket gate Maligawatte Business

Sri Lanka Cricket sources say that now is the last ticket for the next day match at Dambulla Stadium Sri Lanka and Australia.

The competition will be held on Sunday 28th.

Between the lines of the ticket at the end of the 20 overs match on September 9 at the end of lk.bookmyshow.com website has issued the ticket on the internet that.

Now the remaining tickets can be obtained in a number of businessmen gathered near Sri Lanka Cricket in Maradana and the time has now released photos to

17 hours with the Italian earthquake survivors fought killer girl story

17 hours with the Italian earthquake survivors fought killer girl story 
Yesterday (24) around 3.30 am in RICKETTS ṭronṭō del peskārā Italy recorded a 6.2-magnitude earthquake geologists were recorded.

The earthquake killed 247 people have reported that.

The news caused shock geological girl rescued after 17 hours, BBC reports.

Eda girl reported that about 10 years old.

Loud voice shouting girl was trapped in the wreckage and rescue operation to save the victims of the earthquake survivors Asi her life to the team and are for a period of 17 hours have elapsed, they said.

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