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Ayurveda treatments and eye diseases Women

Ayurveda treatments and eye diseases Women

Women and some other diseases  Ayurveda, Ayurveda, and it can be for some local remedies article will discuss today.
1. purple Gould
Clot condition which can be touched from tax in the womb of a woman. Abdominal pain is. Menstrual period is not available.
Disease causes
The woman gave birth to a child the wrong beverage adultery
A woman  core  after bad food adultery
A woman who caused the economic times hot, bitter, food court thousand
Ayurveda is an unique . That folk dictionary "lit up" as billed. The difficulty of the newspapers, because the margins in many cases denies Ayurveda treatments. But the disease has been of not properly  reasons.
Has a house close to the declining birth to a new woman. Therefore, care should be pretty well in her comfort food. The woman gave birth to a child past a food stylist.
Eg - Stews Broth
Due to the evolving of these drugs contain the womb to normal soon forced appointment. But now change practices.
And abortion is where most women are affected. Sri Lanka's illegal abortion and pregnancy, which suggests that the natural cause or opportunity facing core audience. Whatever the reason, Hospitality, PCs, such as cracks or the unborn baby can leave a womb-chamber or nutritional deficiencies or . This time the woman has been very weak. She should be made to restore the nourishing food. Otherwise error ventilating anger such diseases will create.
Sometimes red  vagina can party. The inflammation can also spread to top it up calmly. If ever a boil studs which will be fermented. The wounds of the appropriate surgery conducted with the patient at this time.

2. Low womb
Although in the womb, according to Ayurveda is simply the opportunity to source books of the disease, has been lower grades under various names.
the shape of an egg with the meat coming out of the vagina clot
tax meat product coming out of the clot
coming out of the womb greatly
This can be carried out according to rank, and uses Western opinion.
Disease causes
Before opening up the cervical mother  for deaf children
Occurred not long birth pains
To create a child by artificial methods such as birth
Air anger error resulting from distorted sexual imbalance way places
Something that comes out of the hands of the homeless symptom mainly through the vagina. The flower bowel discomfort, urinary characteristics such as the speed of the difficulty of upholding the lower abdominal weight.
The patient should be thoroughly checked correctly identified the opportunity disease. If the level is cured by Ayurveda remedies for the treatment should be started. If the patient should be referred to the healing surgery.
The  treatment around the abdomen by a strong bond of treatment, conducting air-conditioned treatment error. The internal and external fits internal medicine, herbal smoke application, such as a significant turnaround vaginal therapy. Successfully without surgery can be cured by Ayurveda approach to identifying the first time.
The patients should be informed about the treatment, and also enjoy. Normal childbirth, the women, children, the situation can be avoided by women, more accurate life-style resort created hundreds of Equanimity. Weight lifting, body being removed from the hard grains of purposes, fibrous foods often take care of the simple things, such as to prevent the trajectory of the disease helps to prevent constipation by a certain measure.

3. vaginal
Because of the increase in tax arising dangled vaginal  This name will be used.
Disease causes
To sleep at night
Most of malice
More exercise
Most bestiality
Nails, teeth, etc. injury
For these reasons, the ventilation assert error with pus vaginal purple stirring up the clot. Causing pain, inflammation, red, sometimes the symptoms such as itching. In this case, it is difficult even to sitting or standing. Sometimes even a fever. This PPF Abscess  and Western medicine.
The system for the effective treatment of  medicine is. That error conditioned ventilation for internal medicine and refined by various external medicinal, pharmaceutical inking, is sitting in water Pharmaceutical  such treatment will be. It is important to be able to healing the disease and sores easily and quickly.

4. Women's feces structural disease
Women in the structure of the female urinary tract than presupposed diseases. The reasons for the structural diversity can affect a woman.
Anus, vagina and urinary road together near the existence (thus, anal, vaginal fluids and urine ways, the road will be added)
Women in the shorter body through the existence (which quickly spread infections have decreased the distance between the external environment and urine)
Acting as a disinfectant because of the existence of media  vaginal fluids, etc.
Women more time urine bladder due to the existence of bears increases urine
Often the symptoms appear, such as married women to urinate immediately intrigue. Because the events Hospitality  substance is injected into various germs.
The urine puffing well as  treatment drugs, diuretics and clean feces outside the body well, refining the drug is used. It  puffing of germs from the body, which prevents re-enter the external environment is sterile. It is sitting in water for pharmaceutical, refining, such as is used in the treatment. Use dried Wash clothes, especially underwear woman, urination, vaginal maintain dry areas is important. And drink plenty of water, tonic times a day or drink,  such as cucumbers can relieve conditions caused by simple methods such as urine  to gather edible vegetables. The confirmation should be given to the treatment of the disease continues to meet the test if there UFR.
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