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Exercise less sick

Exercise less sick
Regular physical activity, body work or exercise is essential for us all to protect the body healthy.
Many are engaged in manual labor, would not be employed due to the increase of obesity that go beyond the young, even before weight (obesity) than do face various problems.
Exercise or physical activity in order to maintain muscle strength body must essentially.
Thumbs face and stomach, and even unwanted fat deposition than one factor that will bring their old age, aging appearance.
Among them should be a daily exercise. Medium-sized exercise 30 minutes should be frequently, thereby major infectious disease occurrence, paralysis, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers can be prevented.
Problems due to physical inactivity
Active non-survival because more weight
The high-fat foods and being sedentary life confused body metabolism works. It increases the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Obesity is a risk factor for disease and illness, and it is.
Obesity (obesity) is associated with heart disease
Obesity a person will achieve a number of diseases associated with heart and blood vessels. It joins with high blood pressure. People with obesity increases the possibility of disease, such as the antrayē and rectum cancer.
Obesity is short your life
Over-weight people have a tendency to increase with death before. Persons heavy blood vessel diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, joint disorders, bladder tired and subjected to more diseases, such as respiratory problems, headaches, etc. They are often the microprocessor. As a result of illness and death rates among people with obesity  going high.
Obesity affect quality of life and self-esteem
The respiration rate is usually less obesity. Heavy, anxiety, sleep , upstream, high blood pressure, etc., and often suffer from social problems, depression and lack of self-esteem among microprocessor.
Daily physical exercise is an important application of  body energy balance (calories burned) in any process. When you are busy in games, when engaged in cleaning activities or the exercise of steps rising.
Engaging in physical activity to help you better run than the blood in the body, and the body Cholesterol helps bring good level.
Warning hassle to redeem the physical things you rich fat and helps you and the fact that many health problems.
Exercise (physical activity)
Daily physical activity should be at least 30 minutes a day.
You should choose the activities that can be applied regularly to suit you as pleasant.
Suitable for all ages exercise.
But the results should be appropriate for non Walking is laying off walk back and forward quite rapidly as possible hands.
Old, ordinary walking fast enough, even with the constant rise in walking is not so good.
It is not suitable for walking over a longer following the sedentary elderly people.
Fueled race (Jogging)
Most optimal level of exercise
Jump (Skipping)
Children and young people the best is good exercise.
It is suitable for all age categories. More than older ones as befits the riding against the resistance.
If that can be applied as a safe optimum exercise.
There are many benefits of exercise, because you
* Healthy heart
* Cleaning lung
* The bones
* Piping stress
Your children need to be determined to build physical activity into lifestyle good father with relatives and friends. First, a few minutes a day engaged in physical activity, or to increase gradually to 30 minutes.
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