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SL pointing to $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year

SL pointing to $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year

Sri Lanka is a turnover of over US $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority general manager, said Malraj Kirielle.

The objective of arrivals for 2016 is 2.4 million visitors.Nearly 1.8 million tourists arrived in Sri Lanka last year contributing US $ 2.98 billion profit for government revenues in 2015 compared with US $ 2.43 billion recorded in 2014.

Malraj Kirielle
He said Sri Lanka Tourism will also target of US $ 10 million in 2020. "We have set a target of 4 million arrivals in 2020 and, especially, the industry would have more than 800,000 employees at that time."

In the first five months of this year 846,229 tourists visited the island over 714.584 visits to the same period of 2015, recording an increase of 18.4 percent. Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rose 10.1 percent in May this year compared to the same period last year.

the arrival of Chinese tourists have seen a growing trend since the end of the 30-year conflict in the country in 2009 and in February China surpassed the highest number of tourist arrivals. This should increase. Statistics released by the Tourism Promotion Office revealed that the number of Chinese tourists increased by 17.4 percent to 32,186 in February compared to 26,083 reached in January.

Kirielle said several Indian companies more hotels speak to them to invest in the leisure sector in Sri Lanka. "We also work with investment in this regard Office," he said.

According to the Development Authority of Tourism of Sri Lanka, the strategic development plan of the Sri Lanka Tourism will achieve its basic objectives that meet the needs of all stakeholders and ensure that the economic benefits of the industry distributed to a larger section of society.

Asked about the Brexit said it was too early to comment and study the development. Visitors to Britain rose 32 percent to 44,813 in April, but should see a significant drop in the tour of Sri Lanka will be more expensive for them.

Travel industry players said they are renegotiating some contracts with tour operators in the UK.
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