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SLIIT from higher education opportunities

SLIIT from higher education opportunities

Knowledge and innovative potential of the country's pioneer educational institution bequeathed to the world the perfect professionals SLIIT, over 7000 students registered with a group of other racers and private educational institutions in the country.

Why choose the SLIIT's?
Experienced, good students, the future of the dialogue for moving the SLIIT Dr. bench strength. Many of the staff members SLIIT research projects as well as Lotus Tower, Colombo-Katunayake Expressway and other major projects in the country for its contribution to the point. Computers, business, engineering, architecture and hosting such a wide scope through SLIIT students the opportunity to visit the premises to their future fertility and gaining a postgraduate degree. Last few years, or to degree SLIIT reputed Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada and the states of the world famous partner universities or students can transfer to complete their degrees.
In addition to academic education network, SLIIT, 99X, Virtusa, Brandix, Microsoft and IBM, such as the strong relationship with a number of leading companies in the island.

SLIIT life
Student Information Association, Association of Rotaract, SLIIT Computer Club, Festival faculty, community programs and music shows, talent show and various associations, SLIIT students the opportunity to receive participate in more than 20 social and sports. The multicultural and multinational society SLIIT premises will help to develop more positive attitudes of the students.

SLIIT most trusted name Old Boys
SLIIT has been produced more than 9,000 graduates from the world, SLIIT OBA educational support various sectors, including through the implementation of global current to empower students.

Imperial College London, a post-graduate Dilshan Silva SLIIT alumnus. He has expressed his gratitude for the strong foundation set SLIIT to help the rich and skills training to overcome their academic goals. "As far as the best learning methods and facilities, SLIIT can undoubtedly be said that there is a very high level. The quality of SLIIT to have received a job through the world renowned international software company and will receive recognition demonstrates. Dr. SLIIT board behind a tremendous source of my success thanks my gratitude. "Dilshan said.

The degree awarding institution as well as the leadership of the country, the local and foreign, SLIIT reputation has become a breeding ground proper plan for the realization of educational activities and career.
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