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UK based preparation Brexit: Cameron

UK based preparation Brexit: Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron face parliament Monday for the first time since the momentous decision of Britain to leave the EU, tried to stifle debate about whether the vote would then be held as markets remained volatile.

Prime Minister Cameron, who campaigned in favor of a stay in the EU and announced his intention to resign, said his government would begin to take steps to leave the union. Although he said he does not believe that the vote was best for the nation, Cameron said that "there is no doubt about the outcome."

Despite the efforts of Cameron and his CFO, George Osborne, to instill calm, financial markets remained volatile. Hours after Cameron spoke, global ratings Standard & Poor UK stripped of its top triple A credit rating hand, in response to his warning that the vote last week to leave the EU puts endanger the constitutional integrity and country's economic. Fitch Ratings followed suit, cutting the country's rating by one notch, also double A.

The British leader did not report any change in comments made after the result was announced Friday but his comments appeared to be aimed at removing the uncertainty as to whether Britain will leave the EU does.
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