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VMware support for the expansion of Sri Lanka and the digital cloud service

VMware support for the expansion of Sri Lanka and the digital cloud service

The company offers a global company, VMware and the Cloud Business saṁcalatāvaṭa, further reflecting its unique Cloud services also recently demonstrated their commitment to South East Asia, the digital evolution. Accelerating Your Digital Enterprise by IDC and VMware named Chief Information Officers' Conference was held in Bali (CIO) VMware company's future cloud services, such as cyber security and business exhibitions of their work related fields such as mobility.

"Since Sri Lanka is a country focused on the rapid socio-economic claim, the market in cloud and mobile technology can have a positive impact on. With business growth, the need simple, fast and affordable VMware continues that commitment to provide technology that can be purchased "VMware Southeast Asia" Founder, Market General Manager of Adria Hiei said.

The Zone is rapidly transforming into a market that is extremely important, because the use of phones in the South Asian region over half of the population using smart phones. Staff members, devices, applications and data in the workplace has a positive impact above the physical environment. Jobs has been unable to establish a joint environment relationship to each other due to lack of technology and the digital enterprise group. Information pool, location, device, or application of the facts, without effective management of critical information secure identity, giving businesses the opportunity to more easily obtain, device management, and VMware has introduced an integrated platform for sending applications.

VMware Horizon Mobile and VMware AirWatch solution by any such application provides easy to use on any device or operating system.

Technology has been adopted successfully VMware to bring organizations on one platform Accessories Digital Outlook, such as the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. VMware Horizon® View ™ methodology to Implement the Ministry of Education was able to share resources online for more than 300,000 students in 10,000 rural schools.

The company has been growing VMware physical infrastructure and applications to improve data security challenged Business Day revealed to the world the need to establish universal layer. This IT information security control methods to adapt to the necessary facilities allows the company to protect the most important digital assets.

"Outlook with companies and organizations have traditional security techniques to identify that failure to face the current challenges. They also have been aware of the possibility that the universality of information systems in business and avoid people lack the technical plan. Any device connected to the business, the system software can ensure safety in any location IT sector, may be secured flexibility needed to reach the digital businesses. "VMware's South Asian and Korean President Ron Gore said.
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