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06 pinnavalin tame elephant parade

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife to 06 were pinnavalin tame elephants for the next Festival held in the country has decided.

Energy Minister Gamini Jayawickrama said Nilames and tame elephants at their meeting recently with members of the Association were given that 05 elephants be requested.

06 trained elephants were domesticated in the request Pinnawala considering it has been decided to provide for the parade and other places at this time daḷādā procession.

Accordingly, because the elephant in the number of over 80, said the Minister Gamini Jayawickrama enough for major feasts procession.

The Minister also said that the program has been taken to make the government uncomfortable rumors spread that the procession of elephants not enough for festivals.

Legal Wildlife Department has decided to extend the license on 08 for elephants in temples and people domesticated The settlement documents with the traditional.

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