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Sunday morning, the planet of war

Next Sunday (July 17) morning at 03.30, Mercury and Venus, the planet of war and senseless and it was supposed that the Mercury win.

TAURUS Lagna unusable for the time has come between Ravi and Rahu, Mercury, Venus and the third, fourth and teachers Saturn moon, Mars and 7, which also cones 10, which also is stored while Pluto and Uranus, Neptune, 10 and 12, respectively, 9-series that jyōtirvēdīn points.

They also point out that the war caused the planet budhaṭa auspicious time has come between the deṭa TAURUS third of the territory of kaṭakaya war.

Since the war between the two giants are good consequences spreads a subtle way. The effect of the short-term but TAURUS LIBRA Saturn owners and the people who are paying the dasā dasā by Venus in general, women are employed in the fields of cinema and politics will be a painful experience possible.

The most cautious should say that jyōtirvēdīn TAURUS and Libra Saturn owners.

Their full commented below.

Information about the controversial women busy. The throat infection can arise in danger of contracting the disease are angry, ruthless dermatitis and skin. Various metamorphoses occurs in the environment during the next 20 days from 17 July. Sri Lanka defeats of Aquarius 4 and 9 Venus dominant estate and plantation field of religious and international relations and short-term difficulties emerge. 4 represents the likes of anti-government forces has the potential to create conflicts between the organizations.

Computer Communications and Media Publishing industry as those inducements and high performance Gemini and Virgo, Saturn owners will receive special benefits.

Let us examine each of the planet to the bee and feel the effects of this planetary war.


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