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My brothers in tow message is "Matale graduate pollution and 'mystery revealed

This is the punishment of individuals involved in the murder of a resident of Nadisha Warapitiya pollution palace Warapitiya Ukuwela Matale on May 26, 2014.

 mysteriously Nadisha Warapitiya graduate of and one of his brothers Nadeesha dump the incident, family members and friends who had been accused of breaking from time to time.

The  had taken place in the morning after the wedding ceremony of brother and took him outside the house in a room and raped Nadisha home sleeping with her mother, after the slowdown of the reported  the head with blunt instrument.
 her brothers, including 14 pros blood sample jinṭek Institute examined where the report was given to the institution Nadeesha vaginal sperm obtained parts and Denzil Jayawardena, sample was branded a criminal dynamics.

The person entered the manor roof Bannahake morning on May 26, 2014 the cash and gold stolen to order.

At that time Nadisha Warapitiya sleeping room from the bed, she was dressed in Denzil, who is wanted in the house had been beaten on the head Nadeesha have been taken near the canal road near her lifeless body home.

The girl tells Nadisha have fled after the rape perpetrator.

"I have to see if it can take up through the room. The whole room dark. Only light was the moon softer bed. The light should weaken against the glass roof tile  Was in bed sleeping girl. His clothes had portable. She wanted me in committee. I hit the hammer blow to the head will go to her. After carrying out brought him. "Police said the suspect has the confession

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