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Popular actress divorced compensation of social welfare

Actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Actress couple married refusing clear disinformation and confusion.
Both gave up life on the bitter eras past. Johnny divorced æmbarṭa received a sum of US $ 7 million as compensation. She did not keep possession of the money.
The ex-husband of his great wealth generously donated her husband was brutally beaten for the welfare of the victims of the wives.
Johnny and Amber's marriage was concluded after that trial for 3 months. Finally, the trial verdict was finally.
The 53-year-old Johnny verdict was set gevannaṭayi 7 million dollars as compensation for his wife. The trial found that the presence of physical torture by Johnny æmbarṭa married in the past 15 months.
"This will give the EU a ransom for American civil liberties. The husband, who was tortured for women. The other part of the Los Angeles Children's hospitals. "Amber Herd

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